Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Flappy Bird News : Google is cracking Flappy Bird

Abruptly taken back the most addictive game from the market "Flappy Bird". But Google and Apple both want them back. Both companies are now trying to cracking down flappy bird game app. Google is in high demand of the word "Flappy". While searching Flappy on google play returns 250 results showing "flappy bird, flappy cat , flappy pig and also flappy bieber".

Many Game companies and game developers are now naming their games with the word Flappy. Game developer said that he've changed one of his game name, Jumpy Bee to Flappy Bee. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Highest Score on Flappy Bird | Download flappy bird cheats

Making High score in Flappy bird game is not so easy. You have to take the little of Flappy bird heats or hacks. Its a tough addictive game. First thing you need to remember is that there is no cheats you can enter on the screen.

If you are iPhone user then you can use cheats to remove pipes and continue endless play. The Flappy bird hack software only runs on jailbreak iPhone.

I have made High Score without Cheat Just have a look in the video

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If you are Android user then there is good news for you. There is modified version of Flappy bird android app  is available which enables you to remove the pipes and also gives you the medal... real medal not fake.

If you want to score without flappy bird cheat then here are some tips for you ... 

  • you have to tap tightly 
  • Try to follow the rhythm, Its like songs just play  on
  • Try to find comfy spot
  • must turn on the do not disturb button 
Want to download the Flappy Bird Hack / Cheat Just click on the download button.